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Tell me what you think after you read this.. thanks

I wrote part of a story. I'll post the first chapter here, please read it and tell me what you think!!!

Chapter 1 Rush Hour

It wasn't easy standing on the corner that night, but I knew I had to do it. I knew that if I wanted him to see me, I had to wait there.

I stood there, clinging my hands close to my chest. The snow fell from the sky in a hurry. No cars rolled past me. Only pure darkness sat around. I looked at the corner clock: 12:04. Just a little longer. A little longer. Another second passed and I glanced to the clock again, yet it read the same numbers.

Wreaths hung on the lamp posts along the street. Cars parked along the sidewalk's edge.

Just a little longer. He should be here soon.

Another glance at the clock: 12:23.

I played with my gloves a little, suddenly feeling a warmth.

There, walking toward me. Justin.

My heart stumbled a little and I put my hands in my pocket. I had ripped a hole in them while fiddling around.

Just was searching for something in his pocket, not noticing me. Finally as he got closer to me, he looked up and stopped.

"Kay!" He paused.

"Hi Gus," I pushed my hands deeper in my pockets.

"Wow, Kay, where have you been?" He pressed his hat down over his ears. "How long did you wait here?" he asked.

Looking at the clock I replied, "Just a little while."

That was a lie.

"Really? How'd you know my shift changed?" he asked.

"Just did." Another lie.

"Sure, sure," he placed his hands in his pocket. "Yeah I work the night now. Bob quit, it pays more, yah know...." he was looking around now, not looking in my direction.

"Yeah... " I itched my nose.

"Shit, what am I doing? You must be freezing..."

"Nah..." I interupted.

"Com'on, we can hit up Java for a quick coffee or something, unless you've got somewhere else to be.."

"I guess I can stop for some of their brownie," I smiled.

"Alright then," Justin started walking.

I stood there. Watching him pass me. Then I walked at a slow pace.

I'll just let this moment live.
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